DIPHOTERINE® Solution DAPD 5lt Portable Shower (18H057)



The DIPHOTERINE® solution DAP autonomous portable shower must be installed in a place close to the potential splash hazard that they can be triggered in the first minute following an accident.

It allows the rinsing of a complete body, with intervention within the first minute following the accident.

Fully autonomous portable shower. The ideal product for all areas on site.

Due to its portability, it is useful for personnel working on mezzanine floors, in isolated areas, or working in areas with restricted access.

This equipment makes it possible to decontaminate a person from head to toe in the event of a chemical splash onto the whole of the body. The micronised spray ensures non-aggressive decontamination of the skin. The 5l shower has a diffusion time of around 5 minutes.


  • Fully Portable
  • Easy to identify
  • Easy and ready to use
  • Allows a quick response
  • Soft and autonomous rinsing without pressure
  • Sterile solution
  • Sealed to assure the integrity of the system
  • Easy control of the rinsing efficiency
  • Does not require specific installation or maintenance
  • CE Marked
  • Class 11a Medical Device

Shelf Life

DAPD – Autonomous Portable Shower (5L) – 2 years from the date of manufacture.

At the end of shelf-life we will supply you with a replacement exchange unit

Health Warning

Always read the label and follow the Directions For Use

Part Number = 18H057

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